Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I haven't posted in ages - apologies! Partly because I was so busy having an absolutely magical summer which I really did NOT want to end, but considering I can see my breath when I'm outside now I think I'm pushing it a bit... definitely Winter!

As a first little treat to feast your beady eyes on... Take the signature feature of a key item of clothing you'll find in most women's wardrobes, spruce it up with beads & fings and wha'd'ya get?


The key part of what is stereotypically a man's garm, these Cabinet embellished collars do well by absolutely screaming femininity. The little gems & particularly the colours used are so cute & versatile.

Miu Miu did their famous little collars quite some time ago but theirs had little images on & were quite preppy looking... These beauts could spice up your average plain t-shirt or even a little black dress.

They're not everyones cup of tea & I cant even quite work out whether I'd rock one myself but I definitely wouldn't mind having one sat on my dressing table side by side with bottle of No.5!

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