Thursday, 1 July 2010


So it would appear I seem to have an unhealthy addiction to brogues. When I get a new pair I always think THIS. IS. THE. PERFECT. BROGUE. Then a couple of months (or days) down the line I see another gorgeous pair I neeeeed! I've pretty much banned myself from buying anymore & dwindled my small collection down to strictly favourites, but I thought I'd share some recent beauties I've seen & mine.

                These are Paul Smith Men Only Starr's I have in brown leather (left) and the little leather silver toes are by Solea.

Very similar pair to these from Mango.

Grenson Brogues. SO lush... and also £350!

I would love a pair of white summer brogues like these Nicole Farhi's (right). And the studded bad boy's on the left are Christian Laboutin. We can dream.

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