Friday, 30 July 2010


Basically, a very lovely lady I know has been selected to grace the Sky Showbiz online vid's with some Beauty Masterclasses & they're seriously good! She goes by the name of Holly Silius...

London College of Fashion graduate Holly is a celebrity Make-up artist who has worked with the likes of Katy Perry & Kasabian (just to name a few) whilst also working on editorials for Harpers Bazaar & Vogue Japan. 

The debut vid was a lesson in smokey eyes which you can find here which is really useful! And the newest video, which is my personal favourite, is a lesson in pastel shades. I'm not normally a fan of the whole pastel lip-thing but I've been totally swayed. Look out for her using quite a surprising colour on the cheek-bones and it really working... Now it's summer too there's also a video on getting the perfect beach hair look & when it turns night time you can rock the messy up-do!

Holly's own personal website is really worth a look here for some real make-up inspiration & some kool images.

Enjoy xo

P.S. Remember to click 'Like' on the video's! Holly's giving away £100 worth of products to the 200th person to click on either of the masterclasses.

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